Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Does Real Acceptance Mean to Us?

This is a place we have created to feel safe and accepted. We may not be accepted in todays’ society per say due to our out of the ordinary viewpoints on life and how we live it, but it is in this space we are accepted. According to Dictionary.com acceptance is defined as:

                       The act of taking or receiving something offered
                        Favorable reception, approval or favor
                       Act of believing
                       Act of being accepted

God openly invites all to accept his gift of forgiveness of sins and live a life glorifying Him and spending eternity with Him. While He puts this offer out, he also intends to accept all who seek him. Each and every person has a desire to feel wanted and accepted. You are being offered an invitation into a life of acceptance. This takes a special kind of love to accept us as we are that only God can offer.

What is your response to this offer of acceptance? Is it thankfulness? Is it skepticism? Is it a complete and utter rejection? It may vary by your season of life, but for us it is thankfulness. We hope you will join us in discussing contemporary issues in todays’ world in light of this wonderful kind of acceptance we humbly enjoy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nothing but Thankful

While it's easy to think about being thankful when there is a holiday created to focus on thankfulness, but I think I could be more thankful on a daily basis. Thankfulness is an important step to self acceptance. We may not admit it, but we all struggle with self acceptance in some way or another. In order to be accepted by others we have to accept ourselves. Being thankful is a great daily step we can all take. Even if others won't accept us, we can accept ourselves. In that vein, I'd like to list (below) many things that I should be thankful for every day.

I've always lived in a environment that protects me from the elements. Sometimes a sleeping bag under the stars, other times in a tent, but mostly in some kind of housing. Thanks :)  I hope and pray for others to have the same. 

I've always had enough to eat to sustain myself long term. Sometimes it was pancakes with no butter or syrup because we had no money, but mostly three squares a day. Thanks :) I hope and pray for others to have the same.

I've always had someone to talk to and be friends with during my life. Sometimes it was the other kids that were bullied too, but mostly I have had great friends to share experiences with on a regular basis. Thanks :) Thanks especially to my best friend and spouse. I hope to be a good friend who shows mercy and kind honesty. I hope others can too. 

I have a great family with guiding parents, children that are caring and productive people, grand children that are discovering life. Thanks :)  I hope others have some family or friends that are like family. 

I'm on a life journey that teaches me at least one thing new a day. I am thankful to be able to think clearly and have a body that still works well for my age. I hope others can discover and create in ways that make them feel good. 

I'm thankful for the beauty of nature when I make time to stop and enjoy it. Soak in nature. 

I'm thankful for resources I can share with others that don't have the basics. Share a little something.

My main problem is I don't continually think in a thankful spirit as I go through my day to day activities. Let's hope that we can all do that be thankful on at least a daily basis. I appreciate all my readers and hope I can continue to serve as a helpful blogger. Happy Thanksgiving for my US friends !!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We All Need Acceptance

We all, as humans, want to belong and feel apart of something. To that end, this new blog is being created to discuss acceptance and how we can be part of something even if it is discussing this blog site. Officially the definition of acceptance is "the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group"  Our hope is to spur folks to discuss contemporary and current topics as they relate to being human.  The first series will be discussing the new Star Wars Movie Rogue One as it deeply raises great discussions around what folks can do as a group or a collective. 

Please join in on the discussions as we hope this blog becomes one of interest over time. We are certainly open to discuss topics of your interest and create a sparking post to get things going. Please comment on topics that would help you with acceptance and personal growth or send us an email at Acceptanceone@gmail.com. Perhaps this blog can be a good place to show acceptance. We look forward to what sprouts and grows here.