Monday, December 26, 2016

Rogue One: Life or War?

The hype on Rogue One has settled down and the reviews have been recorded. Most agree that the story line was solid, the new characters were compelling, the effects were spectacular, the war scenes were filled with excitement and it can be a base to build on for the future. I really enjoyed having a sarcastic droid in K-2SO that keep things light in the midst of danger. The burning questions for me is  "Was the movie about war that happened to occur in space or was it about life in general?"

The Case for War:

Throughout history there has always been a struggle for power and the dominance of ideas. Many times the ideas and the quest for power blur, but there is usually both lust drunk power figures and ideals that are fought over. Since the rebels were trying to resist an overwhelmingly powerful and growing dark segment, war seems the dominant story. The power hungry draw on the dark side of "The Force"

The Case for Life:

Life is a struggle and challenges us to overcome many circumstances, emotions and people with bad intentions. We have to draw on our family, close friends and our God given gifts to survive and thrive in life. We are all surrounded by dangers and opportunities and our decisions as free willed people make a big difference in our life outcomes.  Hopefully we all draw inspiration from the light side of "The Force"

Bottom Line:

It's really about both. In every day life we are at war with our fears. situations, oppressors and bullies. The dark side appeals to our quest for vengeance or a cowardly surrender. The light side of the force appeals to our desire to love, to be kind and quest for acceptance from the very God who wonderfully made us. We all have free will to chose the light or dark side. There is a spiritual battle going on around us to draw us to one side or the other. What is your choice or are you still deciding?

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