Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rogue One: One with the Force

While Rogue One did not disappoint with brilliant action and a great plot, there was a strong theme about being "One with the Force"  While it is significantly repeated by one character and passed on to another through circumstances and inspiration, what is the real meaning?

 Is it about community? Is it about something greater than all of us?  Is it about aggregate good? We believe that it is the representation of hope that can only come with peace with our maker. We see the good side of the force in family, nature, human friends, applied science, demonstrated kindness and love. We see the bad side of the force with cruelty, power, oppression and hate. Often people wonder how both exist in the force. This is the very situation we find ourselves in that the world and the universe we live in has both the light and the dark side.

In that same way we all have both sides of the force in us. If we are honest, we all have a force for good at times and a force for sin in others. This puts us under the spell of death and at odds with a perfect God. The difference for us is that God provides us a pardon if we just humble ourselves and accept his peace offering. An offerring that allows us to beat our personal "death stars" and spend eternity with our Beloved God.

Bottom Line:

We have the hope, love, peace and joy that defeats death and destruction. If you get a chance to see Rogue One again, which we will, keep pondering the meaning of " One with the Force". We hope you find the meaning.

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